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.:: Flawless Developments ::.

Owner: Quiggles78 Resident ( .:: Flawless Developments ::.)
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{D.o.R.k} Group Subscriber

Owner: Vicki Waydelich ({D.o.R.k})
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Boudoir Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Vitabela Dubrovna (Vita's Boudoir)
Group for all lovers and admirers of Boudoir design to be informed about new add-ons to collection and group gifts.

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Colour Factory Fans

Owner: Whisper Ampan
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It Takes a Village World Fair & Expo Sponsors 2015

Owner: VVMCommunity Resident (VIRTUAL Village Media | Virtual HQ)
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Mike's Sexy Clothes

Owner: MikeHoltson Resident
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- terra design -

Owner: Cutebaby Melody (- terra design -)
The pose shop in Secondlife virtual world.

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- terra design - Yard Sale Group

Owner: Gzone69 Resident (- terra design - Yard Sale Group)
Yard Sale update group.

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-{The Attic}- Updates

Owner: Blue Hoisan (-{The Attic}-)
Shapes & Skins by -{The Attic}-

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-=Sticky Candy=- Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Liandra Hellershanks (-=Sticky Candy=- Adult Animations)
Update group for -=Sticky Candy=- Adult Animations, specializing in premium sexually-themed poseballs and lesbian sex animations. Excellent for BDSM, D/s, discipline-oriented, girl-on-girl, exhibitionist, voyeuristic, and vanilla sex scenarios.

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-Hanaya- Home & Garden

Owner: Moriko Inshan (-Hanaya- Home & Garden)
news group for -Hanaya- Home & Garden

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-Nomi-Blogger Group

Owner: m8229mn Resident
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:: Images Boutique ::

Owner: Blaze Roecastle
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:: Khyle Sion's ~Refined Wild~ :: Updates!

Owner: Khyle Sion
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Owner: Lizzy Nightfire (:: NIGHT MOVES :: LIVE MUSIC VENUE ::)
♫♪ Ain't it funny how the night moves ♫♪ Thank you very much for joining the :: NIGHT MOVES :: group. We look forward to having you at our events. If you would like more information please contact Lizzy Nightfire or Mikal Brinner.

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:::In The Pink:::

Owner: Mariah Levenque (:::In The Pink:::)
Cute and sexy women's clothing. Tops, dresses, bikinis, underthings and more!

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::{NeVeR B SoLo AdOpTiOn aGeNcY}::

Owner: tasty Foxtrot (Never B Solo)
::{NeVeR B SoLo AdOpTiOn aGeNcY}:: est Aug 2011 *Our mission is to provide you with a phenomenal experience working with us. We strive to provide the kids here with the perfect match, a family for them that will be loving, long lasting and fun filled. Questions and Concerns Contact - - Tasty Foxtrot / SweetBlaze Brianna(owner)

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::\Living Dead Girl/::

Owner: Morgan Rousselot (Living Dead GIrl)
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::C'est la vie!:: subscribe O-Matic group

Owner: Larcoco Mathy (::C'est la vie!:: )
Updates on C'est la vie! products... Join for product info

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::Chez::Kitten:: Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Kitten Hiten (::Chez::Kitten::)
Makers of Lingerie, Sleepwear and Swimwear for Second Life.

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Owner: Kylla Dezno
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::Drop Dead Gorgeous Skins::

Owner: Aiyana Nirvana
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::Fabulash:: 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Jasmine Princess (::Fabulash::)
Clothing and accessories to suit all budgets without compromising on quiality! Our motto is: Ɓє Ƒαвυℓαѕн Ƒєєℓ Ƒαвυℓαѕн Lσσк Ƒαвυℓαѕн

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::K:: Subscriber Group

Owner: Kitt Ragu
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::kDm:: update news group

Owner: ookDmoo Resident
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::Marion:: Update group

Owner: marionmoon Miami
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::SlackGirl:: UPDATES

Owner: SlackGirl Resident (::SlackGirl::)
Fashion & Style With a touch of Personality and Passion. *Make-Up For TheMeshProject Heads ( TMP ), Altamura, Lelutka and Standard Avatar, Clothes Mesh and Mesh body Appliers Omega, Free Gifts, Shoes, Full Perm Jewellery, Accessories. Slink - Maitreya - Belleza - TheShops Dress Mini Skirt Sexy Tops Heels Original Designs

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::The Hive:: by miel

Owner: Miel Nirvana (miel)
Keep up to date on what's going on at miel and be first to receive updates on new stuff and free gifts.

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:[Even~Tide]: Fantasy Tattoos & More

Owner: Eve Gaelyth
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:][: Soulz Fashion :][: Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Tania Ivanovic (:][: Soulz Fashion :][:)
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