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fi*Friday's Subscriber

Owner: AubreyGraham Resident (fi*Friday )
Visit our website

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SkyeRyder Varriale 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: SkyeRyder Varriale
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Elisabetta Hyun 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Elisabetta Hyun
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T R I D E N T Jewelry News

Owner: Rossana Llewellyn (T R I D E N T Jewelry)
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Owner: Slappy Doobie
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.::Break Inc.::. Update Group!

Owner: Ash Morrisey (.::Break Inc.::.)
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.lame Updates

Owner: Divine Falodir (.lame)
.lame furniture 100% MESH high quality baked shadows furniture!

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Rue D'Antibes Update Group

Owner: Otherlander Troglodite
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Key West Resort & Marina's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Liz Harley (Key West Resort & Marina)
Key West Resort & Marina was designed and built as a haven for those seeking something better in Second Life. Join The Wave!

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Eliza Wierwight 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Eliza Wierwight (Patron )
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The Elegant Goth Update Group

Owner: Deja Letov (Bleeding Heart Gothic Furnishings)
Get all the latest in new, product releases, special promotions, freebies and more!

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The Tunaverse

Owner: Tuna Oddfellow (The Tunaverse)
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Have fun, while making a difference in our world by supporting THE MICHAEL J FOX FOUNDATION FOR PARKINSON'S RESEARCH through TEAM FOX

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Loovus Dzevavor Update Group

Owner: Vikeejeah Xevion (Loovus Dzevavor)
The subscriber group updates our customers on new releases, sales and quarterly gifts. LD sells mesh apparel, system layer apparel with optional appliers, as well as sculpted hair and cosmetics available on our online store:

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Celestina's Weddings

Owner: Vivians Artizar (Celestina's Weddings)
*♥* What do we offer? An unforgettable event, the dream that you wish, does not concern the subject or the magical idea that you want to realise. The important thing is each event is unique and different, with a special concept. Good taste, quality, elegance and good service. Our work will interpret what always you wanted and to carry out it. Only have to tell us and we to us will make reality.

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Carrie's Lingerie UP-DATE GROUP

Owner: Carrie Bridger
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Fruit Islands Events Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Lizzo Dreamscape
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xenaMS Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: xenaMS Resident
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Spanish Speak in Second Life

Owner: Wilson Voight (Instituto Espanol Second Life)
Spanish Speak in SL is the group that will keep you informed of all the events hosted by Instituto Espanol. There are many. Stay informed of new Spanish classes, concerts, gallery openings, fashion shows, lectures, and theater productions.

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AFantasy Update Group

Owner: SexyEyes Valkyrie
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Block 13 & Pixelsushi

Owner: Syriana Bonetto
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Shannon Oherlihy's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Shannon Oherlihy
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Danny Bourne 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Danny Bourne
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Madville Update Group

Owner: Inea Wemyss (Madville)
Update group for Madville, textures for builders.

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jeaniesing Trilling 's Update List

Owner: jeaniesing Trilling (jeaniesing's things)
Keep abreast of new additions and happenings at jeaniesing's things, a shop full of animated eclecticism!

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Owner: TwinGhost Ronas
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Emphique Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Emphique Resident
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CW Studios Update Group

Owner: Quatre Nemeth (CW Studios)
CW Studios is your Number #1 stop for quality photography supplies! Check out our collection by shopping both online and inworld.

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Herbal Explorers Group

Owner: Stem Lavendel
This group is for lovers of herbs - whatever your level of experience if you are passionate about the wonders of herbs then this group is for you. We hold weekly classes and discussions to co-learn and share knowledge. We also hang out at 'Delia's cafe' (the landmark can be found in the notecard you will receive when you sign up) daily at 12.30pm SLT (noon.thirty!). If you have a group slot free why not join the group and get added advantages?

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:Hebenon Vial: Update Group

Owner: Trisha Zweig (:Hebenon Vial:)
Automatic update group for the :Hebenon Vial: Recieve updates news and much more through membership. Stay updated!

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