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Ballet Pixelle's Subscriber Service

Owner: Inarra Saarinen (Ballet Pixelle)
Ballet Pixelle is a professional dance Company in First Life and Second Life. We are dedicated to exploring the interactions and intersections between physical and virtual dance. We present classical, neo-classical, contemporary, and leading-edge works. We welcome all!

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!R3VOLT! Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: R3volt Resident (!R3VOLT!)
!R3VOLT! Men & Womens Mesh Apparel. Clothing, shoes, accessories, shapes, tattoos & more!

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The Rose Theatre

Owner: Kezzy Forwzy (Angel Manor - The Rose Theatre)
The Rose Theatre is a building within Second Life that explores immersive design. How does a building that feels and acts like a real building effect the people that explore it and come to watch performances. It also brings professional real life skills in set and lighting design to enhance what performances can be in Second Life. A minimum of three live music performances a week, monthly art galleries and one imaginative space comes together to tantalise your senses and provide a visual and...

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Abadutiker - Traders by Tradition

Owner: Pippas Papp (Abadutiker - Traders by Tradition)
This is the Update group for Abadutiker. As a member you'll be the first to know about new items, updates, new shop locations, sales and freebies.

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Barely Legal Couture Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: AdrenalynnRush Resident
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Almost Wonderland Update Group

Owner: AlmostWonderland Resident
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Gina Gracemount 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Gina Gracemount
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Jayjay Zifanwe 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Jayjay Zifanwe (The University of Western Australia)
For everyone interested in the UNiversoty of Western Australia

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Danish Visions Class Updates

Owner: Inge Qunhua (Danish Visions )
Free SL classes, sandbox, shopping, cafe. With common effort we strive to learn more about our self and Second Life, when we materialise our visions.

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v3 Tattoo

Owner: Khurt Vhargon (v3 Tattoo)
v3 Update group. Keep up with the newest releases, sales and gifts from v3 Tattoo.

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Dahriel Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Dahriel Resident (*PosESioN*)
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Glitzz Store

Owner: Lissa Bohm
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The New York City Greeter

Owner: Joi Price (New York City)
New York City is "The Fashion Capital" of Second Life. Visit our fully rendered sim and join our online community!

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~ghee~ Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Warm Clarity
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-Hanaya- Home & Garden

Owner: Moriko Inshan (-Hanaya- Home & Garden)
news group for -Hanaya- Home & Garden

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~*Forest Floor*~ Gardens & Dreamscapes

Owner: Uni Ninetails
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Atea Avatars 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Atea Aeon (Atea Avatars)
This is the update group for Atea Avatars, specializing in high quality complete avatars and distinctive characters in fantasy and realistic forms. I create complete avatars, both human and fantasy, including unique humans of various skin tones and ages, drow/darkelves, and a fantasy faery series.

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Meisterbastler-Kreis Kourier Newspaper

Owner: Zewe Major (Meisterbastler-Kreis MBK Kourier Newspaper)
The newspaper for residents, merchants, visitors and other persons interested in the goings on in Meisterbastler-Kreis (MBK). MBK is a set of regions based on the Bavarian Alps of Germany, with its own unique community, beautiful scenery and its own "heimat" flair.

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The Savoy Jazz Club Subscriber Group

Owner: Aeryn Lovenkraft (The Savoy Jazz Club)
The Savoy Jazz Club is dedicated to the best in blues and jazz music. We have regular events with live performers and the best DJs in SL.

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[PIXELS] 's Update&News Group Subscriber

Owner: Kei Ushimawa ([PIXELS])
PIXELS: Fashion & Fun Stuff for Your Second Life (Update & News Blog) Know what’s new and other stuff from [PIXELS]. This store is generally female-focused fashion, Japanese-influenced designs, video game themes, & randomness. Expected Items to be sold in-store: Hair, shirts, pants, lingerie, hats, accessories, toys, avatars, skins, shapes, free gifts (Group Only)... [!Currently Under Construction!] [PIXELS] is currently Under Construction(In development). But you can still see...

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Smokin' *ACE's* Subscriber Group

Owner: Shannon Dubratt
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Bluemonk Rau Live!

Owner: Bluemonk Rau (Bluemonk Rau Live!)
Blues Keyboardist and Vocalist Performing Blues, Classic R&B and Soul live For more information, including samples and schedule visit

For bookings drop me a notecard or send me an email at
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Benjaminz Clothing -Group-

Owner: Capone MacMoragh
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Lowlypop Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Lowlypop Resident
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Treet TV Friends Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Texas Timtam (Treet TV)
The first virtual Television network. Thanks for your interest in Treet TV - your source for programs that inform, entertain & amuse. Broadcasting from a virtual world near you, welcome to the Treet TV Friends Group. We're glad you're here and please accept this free TV from @home Entertainment as a gift.

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Tekeli-li! dark artistry update group

Owner: Tekelili Tantalus (Tekeli-li! dark artistry)
Tekeli-li! dark artistry release update group - only information relevant to Tekeli-li! and the Hollow Earth Barony region will be sent through this group.

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KaTink Subscribe-O-Matic!

Owner: AnneMarit Jarvinen (KaTink Poses and More...)
KaTink Poses and More... is a store that carries Poses, 3D Props and Background Packs. It is owned by AnneMarit Jarvinen, former Owner of PNP (Props-N-Poses) and most of the staff from PNP. We have poses for singles, couples, groups, family, runway model and also carry specialized poses for mermaids, fantasy rp players, BDSM, children, gay and lesbian. Our background packs are high resolution wallpapers with room for one or more avatars used with it. They can also be used in frames...

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*Petit Ange* Update Group

Owner: Anju Enoch (*Petit Ange* )
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~SIGMA~Jewels Mailing List

Owner: Sofi Trenkins (~SIGMA~Jewels )
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Rams Wear

Owner: Rams3s Kirax (Rams Wear)
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